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    More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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      Wisconsin General Electric Workers Feel Forgotten by Trump

      President Trump is in Waukesha, WI today, but he isn’t visiting more than 300 IAM Local 1377 members there who asked for his help saving their jobs at General Electric. “The President should be in Waukesha to blast General Electric for putting corporate profit over American workers,” said IAM International President Bob Martinez. Read our full statement here.

      Mechanics Boycott Event at American Airlines

      American Airlines mechanics in Local 514 at Tulsa boycotted company festivities for Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Day recently, to protest the slow pace in negotiations. Contract negotiations have been underway for nearly a year and a half, and TWU's Today We Unite campaign is working to increase pressure on the company to negotiate a contract our members have earned.


      June 8, 2017 Dear American Airlines Members:  Last month, in an update in the American Airlines equity distribution case, we informed you that the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit had issued a decision and opinion affirming the decision of the District Court for the Northern District of California in the case of Demetrius v.
      Download: AA Equity - 6-8-17 (1).pdf

      Tell Congress to Oppose the Attack on Federal Workers

      Federal Workers, including IAM government employees and National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM) members need your help now. Tell your Representative to Vote “NO” on H.R. 1461.

      Click Here!

      See the Joint Negotiations Website for updates:

      For the latest Tweets:  @usaamerger

      Chicago IAM Local 701 Auto Mechanics Open Negotiations into Standard Automotive Agreement

      “The IAM is focused on improving and growing the automotive industry while it appears that local dealerships are focused on setting the industry back,” said IAM Automobile Mechanics’ Local 701 Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli, after the close of the first day of negotiations into the union’s Standard Automotive Agreement.

      The IAM Local 701 bargaining committee opened negotiations with the Chicagoland dealerships Monday. Their contract, which covers more than 1,600 mechanics, is set to expire July 31, 2017.

      “After months of planning and preparation the IAM Local 701 bargaining committee opened negotiations with a number of proposals drafted from direct feedback from the Local 701 membership,” said Cicinelli. “But after exchanging first-round proposals with the Dealer Association, it’s clear our members are focused on ways to move the automotive industry forward and attract more workers, while the dealerships are bent on stifling current talent and making the automotive industry less attractive to future technicians.”

      Dealerships across the country have been struggling with attracting automotive technicians as vehicles have grown more computerized and vocational programs have disappeared from high schools. Turnover can run as high as 20 percent a year as older mechanics retire and younger workers lack the educational background and insight into what could be a profitable and promising long-term career.

      “This round of negotiations will have to take that information into account,” says Cicinelli, who knows first-hand the needs of the industry. IAM Local 701 is home to one of the most effective automotive training centers and apprenticeship programs in the city.

      “Automotive technicians are in high demand. They can’t be outsourced,” he says. “But the talent pool is shrinking. If you want to attract new talent, a strong union contract with fair wages and quality benefits is where you start. We’ve got a long way to go; this is only day one. The union is committed to working with the companies in negotiating a fair contract for our members.”

      “I want to thank Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli and the members of the IAM Local 701 negotiating team for their commitment, hard work and dedication in preparing for these negotiations,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber. “Most importantly, I would like to thank the membership. Our members are the strength behind this committee. Their support and solidarity are vital as we embark on negotiations over the next few weeks. The IAM looks forward to working with the dealerships in crafting a contract of which we can all be proud of.”


      THE T.W.U. LOCAL 512 MEMBERS? SCHOLARSHIP FUND is provided for any active or retired T.W.U. Local 512 member in good standing, or eligible dependents including dependents of deceased members in good standing at the time of their death. Dependents are defined as husband, wife, son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter. Applicants must have an earnest intent to pursue an education from an accredited college, university, or trade/technical school.

      PROVISIONS: The T.W.U. LOCAL 512 MEMBERS? SCHOLARSHIP FUND will award six (6) annual scholarships of $1,000.00. Six (6) recipients of this scholarship will receive $1,000.00 for that scholastic year only.

      APPLICATION/SELECTION: Application forms are available at the Local 512 Union hall and will be mailed on request. They are also available on our T.W.U. Local 512 website at All applications must be received by 2:00 p.m., July 17, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date and time. A neutral party will draw the winners at a Membership event on July 31, 2017 ? location to be determined at a later date. Winners need not be present. Observers are welcome. Winners and alternates will be notified by mail at the address on the application.

      GUIDELINES A. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the accredited college, university or trade/technical school upon accepting the scholarship recipient to the school. Six (6) scholarship funds will be available in the sum of $1,000.00 total for that scholastic year. B. Scholarship funds may be used only for tuition, college fees and books. C. If a recipient fails for any reason to complete a course or course of study paid for by the T.W.U. Local 512 MEMBERS? SCHOLARSHIP FUND, ANY UNUSED FUNDS MUST BE REFUNDED TO T.W.U. LOCAL 512. D. Six (6) alternates for the $1,000.00 scholarships will be chosen in the event that one or more of the awarded recipients is not able to, or does not, attend an accredited college, university or trade/technical school. In the event it is necessary to replace an awarded recipient by an alternate or alternates, the alternate or alternates would be designated in the order in which their names were drawn at a Membership event on July 31, 2017. Example: The alternate?s name which was drawn first would be given the first opportunity to replace a recipient. E. The Union member (or surviving spouse or a legal guardian of the dependent, if the member is deceased) may be required to provide proof that the student is his/her legal dependent. A member?s legal dependent is the legal spouse of the member or the surviving spouse, child or stepchild of a deceased member or the member?s child or stepchild for whom the member provided over one-half of total support in the current calendar year. F. Generally, amounts received as scholarships are excluded from the recipient?s individual income for the purpose of personal income taxes provided the funds are used for tuition, fees, books and related expenses and that the individual is a candidate for a degree at a qualified educational institution. However, Scholarship recipients should consult with a qualified tax advisor to determine whether their scholarship is taxable. G. Only one (1) scholarship winner per student per family. H. No funds will be dispersed until school registration is confirmed.

      The 2017 Scholarship Form is in the DOWNLOADS section.

      A.A. bus schedule's are now available in the DOWNLOADS section. 

      NOTE: New Schedule added 05/2017

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      Action Center
      More than 80% of Americans want to see the minimum wage increased. Obstruction is not an option -- demand Congress vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act and raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour NOW.
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